Siena Yellow Marble

Siena Yellow Marble



One of the most beautiful marbles

Perhaps we are biased, but Siena Yellow Marble is one of the most beautiful, prestigious and distinctive marbles quarried in Italy , Siena (in Tuscany) and, precisely, on the Sienese hills.

  • Due to the presence of iron oxide such as limonite ,its particular veins and its intense yellow ocher background are able to make each slab a unique piece.

Together with the Portororo black marble from Portovenere, it is without a doubt one of the most fascinating marbles that mother nature has given us in Italy.


Polishing of a slab of yellow Siena marble – click on the photo to enlarge it


Yellow background with veins of various shades

This elegant marble is characterized by its yellow background with veins of various shades, ranging from light yellow to yellow ocher (see photo below). With shades that even go from ivory white to an intense reddish color.


Detail of this precious yellow marble – click on the photo to enlarge it


Architects and designers love yellow siena marble

Such a beautiful marble that it is used by designers and architects for high-quality workmanship. The three photos you find in sequence say everything about the versatility and aesthetic beauty of this marble.


Floor with details in yellow Siena marble – click on the photo to enlarge it


Bathroom made with yellow Siena marble – click on the photo to enlarge it


Application of yellow Siena marble cladding inside a well-known restaurant – click on the photo to enlarge it



Used for indoors and outdoors

This particular and precious yellow marble is used for both internal and external work. For example:

  • interiors: coverings, floors, stairs, kitchen tops, sinks, bathroom tops, shower trays, furnishing accessories, objects, columns, fireplaces, frames, and much more.
  • external: coverings, columns, portals, architectural elements, engravings, inlays and funerary art, and much more.


The beauty of this yellow marble in two slabs – click on the photo to enlarge it


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Do you want to purchase Siena yellow marble?

The Bernardini family has been dedicated to the extraction and marketing of marble since 1922, in particular one of the most valuable marbles in the world for which there are only two or three extraction quarries (all concentrated in the province of La Spezia and, to be precise, in Portovenere), Portoro marble.

Be Marmi can offer a wide choice of quality of this highly prized black marble in the form of shapeless squared blocks or slabs, either in its own warehouse or possibly on the extraction site. But Be Marmi is also able to supply you with slabs and blocks of yellow Siena marble.

You can contact Antonio Bernardini and BE Marmi through these contacts:

  • Physical address: Via Anderlino, 3 – 54033 Carrara (MS) Tuscany, Italy
  • Sales office: (+39) 0585/87.20.54
  • Antonio Bernardini mobile: (+39) 339/733.66.85
  • Email:


Who we are?


Portoro black marble: About us!

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