Portoro black marble: About us!

Marmo nero portoro: chi siamo! Portoro black marble: About us!

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Portoro black marble: About us!

I, Antonio Bernardini (I’m the one in the photo above in the quarry) and my family have been dedicated to the extraction and marketing of marble since 1922.

As I stated above, my family has been working in the world of marble for five generations, starting with the transport on sailing ships back in 1922, moving on to extraction and marketing.

More specifically, for one of the most precious marbles in the world, Portoro marble, which there are only two or three extraction quarries worldwide.

Working in this specific sector for over sixty-five years, we can assure that black Portoro marble hides no secrets from us at Bemarmi and that we consider ourselves real experts, who are able to advise our customers to best meet their needs.

Our company can reproduce a wide range of quality of Portoro marble, in the form of unsquared blocks or slabs, either in our warehouse in Carrara or, possibly, at the place of extraction.

The area of ​​the quarries can be reached by taking the road that connects the town of La Spezia with the Portovenere peninsula and then following the roads that climb the Castellana slopes and Santa Croce mountains.

Other quarries were located on the islands of Tino and Palmaria opposite Portovenere, above Lerici in the locality of Monti Branzi (Carpione peninsula). These two quarries were closed years ago as they fell within the park area.

Other outcrops are evident in the localities of San Pietro, Monte Rocchetta, Monte Muzzerone, Monte Coregna, Monte Biassa and Monte Parodi,

These are delicate areas from a landscape and naturalistic point of view and therefore the cultivation of quarries must be carried out with particular attention:

The current number of quarries is very limited and, to avoid damage to the landscape, the marble blocks are obtained indoors, inside large chambers whose vault is supported by pillars.


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Portoro black marble: About us!


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